Q Codes In English


QRA Address.
QAV I am calling...
QCM There is a defect in your transmission.
QIF (call sign) ...is using... kHz.
QRA The name of my station is...
QRB The distance between our stations is...
QRG Frequency.
Will you tell me my exact frequency?
Your exact frequency is... kHz.
QRH Does my frequency vary?
Your frequency varies.
QRI Bad note.
Your note varies.
What is the tone of my transmission?
The tone of your transmission is...
QRJ Your signal is very weak.
QRK Signal strength.
What is the readability of my signal?
The readability of your signal is...
QRL Are you busy?
I am busy.
Please do not interfere.
QRM There is interference from other stations.
Are you being affected by interference?
I am being affected by interference.
QRN Interference from atmospherics
or local electrical apparatus.
Are you troubled by static?
I am troubled by static.
QRO High power.
Shall I increase power?
Increase power.
QRP Low power.
Shall I decrease power?
Decrease power.
QRQ Shall I send faster?
Send faster.
QRS Shall I send more slowly?
Send more slowly.
QRT Close down.
Shall I stop sending?
Stop sending.
QRU Have you anything for me?
I have nothing for you.
QRV Are you ready?
I am ready.
QRW Please tell... that I'm calling him.
QRX Stand by.
When will you call me again?
I will call you again at... hours.
QRZ Who is calling me?
You are being called by...
QSA What is the strength of my signal?
The strength of your signal is...
QSB Fading.
Are my signals fading?
Your signals are fading.
QSD Bad sending.
Is my keying defective?
Your keying is defective.
QSK I can hear between my signals.
I am using break-in.
QSL Verification card.
Can you give me acknowledgement of receipt?
I can give you acknowledgement of receipt.
QSM Repeat the last message.
QSO Radio contact.
Can you communicate with...?
I can communicate with...
QSP Relay message.
Will you relay to...?
I will relay to...
QSV Shall I send a series of VVVs?
Send a series of VVVs.
QSW I will transmit on... kHz.
QSY Change frequency.
Move to... kHz.
Shall I change to another frequency?
Change to another frequency.
QSZ Shall I send each word more than once?
Send each word or group twice.
QTH Location.
What is your location?
My location is...
QTR What is the correct time?
The correct time is...